InCasa Home Kit

InCasa Home kit

The first step to transform your elders’ home into a true smart home will only take one hour. It is extremely simple and you will not need special tools, or maybe none!

The InCasa Home Kit consists of a small Home Center and various sensors. The sensors communicate with the Home Center without the need for cables, and the Home Center communicates with the world using the existing WiFi in the house or, optionally, the mobile network.

Below you will see a description of our sensors and devices.

InCasa Home center

The Home Center is essentially a small computer, completely autonomous, and does not need a screen, keyboard or requires user attention to work. It communicates with sensors and other InCasa devices using the standard Smart Home protocol: ZWave. Depending on the home construction materials, good communication can be established over 50m away. Some of the sensors are also range extenders.

And the Home Center comes pre-loaded with the ERAS Home Care protocol to be functional upon installation.

The Home Center uses the WiFi already existing in the house or, optionally, the 4G mobile network to connect with the outside world, and send alerts, information and alarms to the mobile applications of the family and caregivers and, alternatively, to the Telecare services.


A lightweight multi-purpose button, which comes in several colors, battery powered for up to two years. It can be placed anywhere or carried with the person.

A smart sensor capable of detecting movement, illumination, vibration, temperature and therefore a cornerstone of several ERAS protocol rules.

Installed on windows, doors, the refrigerator and medicine cabinets, it informs ERAS about opening and closing of those.

These power sensors are EU, UL and UK compatible. They sense power consumption of anything plugged in, inform InCasa of this and are capable to turn on and off electrical devices.

It detects water on any surface, floor, bathtub, etc. It also floats and senses temperature. When activated by water, it emits a high-pitched sound and alerts InCasa.

Ideal for the kitchen or any room in which smoke could be a concern. It has an audible alarm as well as it communicates with the InCasa Home Center.


InCasa offers mobile apps for Android and iOS, both to be used by the family, the people in the house and also their caregivers. The use is not limited to one person, but the system only allows being accessed by people authorized by the homeowners.

These applications receive information, alerts and alarms originating from the house. Depending on the mobile, you can configure sounds, screens and warnings of different priority corresponding to each case.

The apps are free for InCasa users and can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store.