About Us

InCasa was born in early 2020 seeking a solution to the then imminent impact of the pandemic on the most vulnerable people: the Elderly.


«Stay at home» was not enough, it was necessary to give Senior people resources to stay in their homes safely, autonomously and connected with family and services.


With the support of Fibar Group S.A., the leader in Smart Home technology, and a team of superb technology professionals, we set out on the path of creating something new: InCasa Smart Senior Living.

«Throughout 2020, with a human group of enormous talent, we developed the Core of InCasa, and the fundamental concept that differentiates us from everything else: ‘Intelligence must reside within the House, we will transform the home and put it at the service of the people´, and this places us at the forefront of a new Home Care paradigm «
Alejandro Cavaliere, Founder of InCasa Smart Senior Living


You may have noticed that the «gadgets» of so-called smart home solutions are sold everywhere. And yet, they only end up filling your house with toys.
And so, the people who most need a smart home are light years away from having one, not because of a lack of resources, but because the product they need does not exist… until now.
Our Vision is that the Smart Home has to be really «Smart» from the get-go, from the beginning. It is not about «gadgets» or toys, but about intelligence, that is, software. The «rules of the home» in digital version, and everything at the service of its users.
For this reason, InCasa Home Kits are like little brains, loaded with the intelligence necessary for every need, in this case, for that of the Elderly.


Our most important strategic partner in this journey is the Fibar Group, creator of the Fibaro brand, belonging to the Italian group Nice S.p.A.
They are the leaders in next-generation smart home devices, and both their quality and design are the best in the world.
For InCasa Smart Senior Living it is a privilege to be able to develop this new Home Care paradigm based on the best technology: Fibaro Home Intelligence.